Length for horizontal image longest side must be 1920 pixels.

Length for vertical image longest side must be 1080 pixels.

The image file must be in JPEG format.

Please submit images with 300 dpi resolution & colour space sRGB File size of the Image should not exceed 2MB.

While filling up the entry form, Please give full titles as you want them to be printed in the catalogue.

Titles should not be unduly long max 35 characters.


A) Barred entrants by PSA will not be allowed in this exhibition.

B) Color images may not be entered in PID Monochrome section(s).

C) DQs are for breaches of PSA rules and breaches of definitions – e.g. cruelty to animals definitely DQd, clear manipulation in ND, PT, PJ definitely DQd.

D) Submitted images in Nature, Photo Travel and Photo Journalism may have borders within 5 pixels.

E) In case a raw file is requested by the organizer, non-compliance within the stipulated time may result in disqualification of the submitted image.

F) If two judges DQ then the DQ stands. If only one judge DQs then it must be discussed

G) If an image is DQd in one judging of a circuit then it must be DQd in all judgings.

H) Preferably on the scorecard DQ should be stated with a reason for the DQ